New Sponsors Save Carmen Marc Volvo From September Show at Citrine

July 2, 2009 • Fashion Shows

Carmen Marc Volvo's model displays at New York nightclub Citrine

All designers, even high end ones, need to make sacrifices to adapt to the current financial climate. Some, however, are more unfortunate than others. Thus was the case for the house of Carmen Marc Volvo who had to make budget cuts, resulting in offsite runway shows last February's Fashion Week. After an offer allowing them to showcase their wares for free, the label ended up at downtown New York nightclub Citrine. Described by New York Magazine as "douchetastic", the downtown digs were hardly a prime spot for Carmen Marc Volvo's elegant designs in their opinion. Mind you, Second City Style was there and appreciated the drink and the break from the tents. So we are a little less critical and understand that some designers decided to forgo the spectacle of the tents to save some cash.

Now, with the September shows on the horizon, the label has been seemingly saved from another pro bono location. Two new event sponsors, World Gold Council and NASDAQ, have stepped up to help field some expenses for September's Fashion Week and have provided the Carmen Marc Volvo house with a neutral solution—the label will tape a runway show of his spring 2010 collection and show the video to about
300 people at a cocktail party in the NASDAQ building in Times Square. While its not exactly the tent in Bryant Park, its at least an upscale environment more befitting of the label's image. Plus the views will probably be great. The World Gold Council will also be providing the opportunity for the Marc Volvo house to broadcast runway show footage across various screens in Times Square. Who knows, this could even be the makings of a new Fashion Week trend.

Article and Photo Source: newyorkmag
-Alia Rajput

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