Rachel Zoe’s Plans Fashion Newsletter To Be, What Else, “Bananas”!

July 2, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe must be very proud of herself these days. With the second season of her reality show "The Rachel Zoe Project" having wrapped, the overly bronzed celebrity stylist is looking to ride her fame wave a bit longer with a fashion newsletter. Taking cues from lifestyle site titans like Daily Candy and Goop, Zoe has already molded the outlines of her site, called "The Zoe Report" to resonate her own voice—like it or not. Yet, even in it's infantile stages, people are already starting to wonder how involved Zoe will be in the new project. So far the only thing appearing on the site is the mailing list sign up and the Editorial Policy that explicitly states, "The chic variety of accessories, apparel, and other items featured in
the Zoe Report are carefully chosen by our editorial team of fashion
addicts — ahem — experts.
" Yet even though Zoe is admitting to not choosing all the items herself that will be featured on the site, she also swears that advertising will not play a role in the product placement either, stating, ""Never in a million years would we accept money (or Neiman Marcus giftcards)
in exchange for editorial endorsement. That would be bananas. The bad
kind." Which brings us to that term—bananas. Already annoyingly overused in the stylist's vernacular, it has been used multiple more times as the word to sum up the newsletter's entire aesthetic. Let's just hope when the site finally launches, the products picked will make up for the tiresome Zoe-esque text.

Article and Photo Source: newyorkmag, blackbook
-Alia Rajput 

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