New Survey Names Paris Most Stylish City, Proves the Importance of Global Fashion

July 2, 2009 • Fashion

Paris at night

The fashion industry is finally getting the recognition it deserves with a recent survey that helped formulate the 2009 Anholt-GfK Roper City Brands Index. Released on June 16, the survey asked 10,000 people from various countries to rank 50 cities on such varied subjects as climate, physical attractiveness, restaurants and nightlife.The top ten cities that emerged were similar in that they had all made significant contributions to the field of design, especially in fashion.

The top four stylish cities were hardly a surprise with Paris coming out on top as the historic nucleus of haute couture, art nouveau, and avant garde design. Milan came in second sensibly, being the global hub of luxury manufacturing. New York was third for leading the popular culture world with cutting edge and contemporary fashion, and London rounded out the top tier as fourth. Other cities that made the cut into the top ten included Los Angeles, Rome, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Barcelona—each with notable contributions unique to their geography and culture such as the Bay Area's standout industrial design firms and Barcelona's legendary architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

The underlying theme that the survey illustrated was that the fashion
industry plays an integral role
in forming the cultural character of a
city. The four top cities on the list host the four most important fashion
weeks in the world. The other six cities each host their own runway
shows that showcase local talent not necessarily ready for a global
presence. So now that its been proved on paper just how crucial of a role that fashion plays in the evolution of a city's identity, the only question that remains is— Where the heck is Chicago in all this?!!

Article Source: newyorkmag,forbes
Photo Source: forbes

-Alia Rajput

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