Behind the Scenes with Leanne Marshall and Bluefly

July 3, 2009 • Events


Last week, in one of the most fun sneak-peek events I've been to, I went behind the scenes at the photo shoot for Bluefly's exclusive collection from Project Runway's Season Three winner, Leanne Marshall. After the six long months necessary to design and produce the clothes—which she said was a lot of trial and error and learning from mistakes—Leanne fans can look forward to pieces in a style similar to those that made her famous, with  inspiration taken from flowers and petals, but in a different color palate and with a “refined approach… more wearable for every day.”  

Leanne (who is absolutely lovely, by the way) was wearing a dress she designed for fall 2009, and she reports that the next collection is going to be a departure from what we saw on PR, something more glamorous and elegant than anything she's done before.


“This is only the tip of the iceberg for me. I think there's so much more that I can do and that people are eventually going to see out of me. I'm capable of doing more than just petals. This is something I've been into lately but it hasn't always been what I've been about as a designer. 

Check out our video here:

The collection will be available for purchase from Bluefly on July 8th.

–Becky Ellis

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