WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

July 3, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Any week that holds an awards show will almost always be a gem for questionable fashion. I could have easily created this week's list on the daring designs of the BET Awards but decided its already been done, so only grabbed a couple choice looks, which was a tough task in and of itself. The rest of the group had to then be zany enough to stand up to the craziness that was the BET red carpet. Hope you can agree!

Melody Thornton at the BET Awards in Los Angeles

Comment: Many may have seen this look already, simply for the sheer madness of it. At first glance, it seems downright indecent. At second glance, it becomes even worse. Anytime a nude lining is used to cover up, you should know you're headed for disaster, especially when you can't quite make out where the drugstore stocking fabric ends and her actual leg begins. It's like a figure skating ensemble from Oksana Bauil's heyday. And yet the only thing Thornton needed to complete what would otherwise have been a cute retro outfit is simple: a bottom piece. Trousers, jeans, another skirt even (one that would cover her bare behind maybe)—is that really too much to ask? Even her fellow Pussycat Dolls are blushing.

Shes Thinking: What, I'm used to dressing like a call girl!

Omarosa Manigault Stallworth at the BET Awards in Los Angeles

Comment: Not that this look was as daring or eyebrow raising as some of the other's (ahem, singer Cassie's half shaved head and cutouts) but it makes the cut just because its so darn wrong. On so many levels. Who does Omarosa think she's kidding with trying to sport a flouncy, blindingly pink frock with a sweet-as-pie smile? If you have singlehandedly built your selfmade fame on your vindictive, cutthroat behavior then why wouldn't you work that into your red carpet image? Love her or hate her she can so easily be fierce, but here just winds up looking like some caricature of someone nice, Cassie perhaps. The dress, the hair, the pose—everything is too pageant-y and awkward. If this is her idea of a revamped image for some kind of comeback, then sorry but we'll pass. Bitchiness works for her, and she should stick to what she knows.

Shes Thinking: See Donald? I can play Melania.

Actress Phillipine Leroy-Beaulieu at the 25th edition of 'La fete du cinema' in Paris

Comment: There needed to be something with a shock value to eclipse the BET red carpet and luckily I didn't have to look any farther than France—home of fashion movements like haute couture and avant garde, and yet somehow not age appropriate. We love Beaulieu's balls-iness to attempt what appears to be a paper dress that bears a likeness of some cross between Madonna and a silent film star. But call us prude Americans, its still a non non to be showcasing the girls in such a way when you're pushing fifty (though Madonna actually may not agree). Plus on her petite frame the dress just kinda wears her, lacking any sort of silhouette or flattering shape. But then again, they play by their own rules—C'est Paris.

She's Thinking: J'adore my double-sided tape!

Rosanna Arquette at the launch of 'Playground' in New York

Comment: Have we missed something, or has Rosanna Arquette gone crazy? Gone is the day of her edgy, perforated punk style from 'Pulp Fiction'. And though she has been low on the radar for quite sometime, one would think her seldom public appearances would be reason enough to step it up. She's still a young, vibrant beautiful woman who has seemingly suffered the throes of obscurity for far too long. The trench coat and the sneakers channel disturbing images of Kevin Smith, and her little slash of skin above the belt makes it difficult not to stare. Oh Rosanna, you have a fabulous Hollywood family! Please ask them for help before you become the latest pioneer of homeless chic.

She's Thinking: Alexis is gonna kill me for this.

Sophia Hyatt at the premiere of 'Public Enemies' in London

Comment: OK so at first I thought, horror of all horrors, the fully exposed bra trend has actually worked it's way up the ranks from the street to the red carpet in some sort of bizarre role reversal of style. Yes Sophia has a great body, yes she looks great in fiery red, no it's not OK to have a bra become one of your accessories. Ever. And then I spotted a back shot of the dress and realized the bra was actually attached as part of the dress! Redemptive? I don't think so. Unless she's the entertainment for a hookah bar later that evening, she is still very much at fault; that is, until I came across other event shots and realized that, for her, this is actually pretty covered up.

She's Thinking: I'm officially the British answer to Kim Kardashian

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-Alia Rajput

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