Paris Couture Fall ’09. Christian Lacroix Forever.

July 8, 2009 • Fashion Shows

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On Tuesday afternoon, designer Christian Lacroix held a couture runway show that some dubbed as "his last", and many more referred to as "perfect." The celebrated French house has been battling with bankruptcy for the past several months and many of Lacroix's devoted following are worried that the label may not weather the financial storms much longer. Yet as his models took the stage yesterday all other thoughts melted away and the only thing that mattered was the transcendent beauty that made up Lacroix's signature designs.

The collection was full of pieces boasting traits that Lacroix had used to build his own name like "romance&quot
and "boundless extravagance", as described by WWD. Both the evening and daywear pieces contained elements of old world elegance, laden with embroidery, lace, and layers of embellishment. WWD quipped, "If his evening creations were the stuff of glorious dreams, a day
jacket, all beribboned and jeweled brocade, might have been plucked
from an 18th-century portrait."

Yet despite the various ornate qualities, many thought the collection was somewhat subdued for the typically envelope-pushing designer, perhaps due to the house's current economic climate. Much of the evening collection was in black, a departure for the designer known for his love of color. And where an asymmetric cocktail dress or drop-waist coatdress would have been typically brimming with embellishment, those featured in yesterday's show were far more minimal and controlled save a few well-placed ribbons or hint of jewels.

But the effect was still stellar—instead of compromising his image due to more limited resources, Lacroix used these apparent cutbacks to his advantage and as a result, created pieces that still displayed his signature ethereal look but were more grounded, realistic, wearable. Lacroix's finale featured a jaw-dropping testament to a timeless couture tradition—a brilliantly floral Baroque wedding gown.

Lacroix is still hoping for the prospect of investors saving his label. And though many are calling this the worst of times to be banking on a buyer, WWD sent out a notice to what they refer to as, the "deep-pocketed and curious." Aptly put, they state: "Consider this collection one spectacular employment pitch."

Photo Source: WWD

-Alia Rajput

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