Yoox.com Announces Collaboration With Famed Jewelry Collector For Vintage-themed Sale

July 8, 2009 • Accessories

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E-commerce site Yoox.com as teamed up with world-renown jewelry
collector and historian Deanne Farneti Cera, to assist her in selling
some designer items from her vast collection of vintage and costume
jewelry. Cera has penned multiple books on vintage and costume jewelry
and has served as a mentor to many up and coming designers, helping
them to establish their name in the fine jewelry industry. From over 30
years in the business, Cera has collected thousands of items, many of
them one-of-a-kind prototypes and rare runway samples.

Now Cera
is looking to share her wealth of timeless pieces with the public and
has formed an exclusive partnership with Yoox.com to facilitate a
series of themed sales. The first sale debuts today and is centered
around the theme, "Revisiting the 80s." The sale will feature
approximately 20 designer pieces from Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint
Laurent, Ugo Correani, Karl Lagerfield, Gianni Versace,
and more. All
the pieces included int he sale were picked for their iconic appeal,
historical significance, quality, and relevance to current trends.

themed sales were all created and curated by Cera with the help if Yoox
Vintage director Holly Brubach and include an limited number of items.
Cera is excited by the concept behind the sales, as well as the new
partnership saying, "A sale like this is a testament to the collector's
knowledge, taste, choices, and it allows me to redistribute the same
pleasure that I found in bringing these items together."

Items included in the sale (featured above) are:

1. Karl Lagerfield by Ugo Correani ruffle cuff made of plexiglass and black metal and painted to resemble lace.

2. Christian Lacroix heart earrings, cast gilded metal made with red velvet and simulated pearl.

3. Yves Saint Laurent dangling earrings with rectangular wood drops.

4. Chantal Thomas dangling earrings in the 3-dimensional shape of a bustier, made of silver plated metal.

5. Premiere Etage dangling long earrings made of lightweight gilded metal and chain. 

Check out all of Deanne Farneti Cera's items in her "80s Revival" sale on Yoox.com

-Alia Rajput

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  1. Jazz says:

    WOW, This is more like art then jewelry. I love it!
    Read all the reviews of the jewelry stores that you are thinking to sell your gold jewelry at. Do you homework to get the best gold price.

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