Ask the Bean: Swinging with Style – Scoring a Fashionable Hole in One

July 9, 2009 • Fashion


Dear Bean:

Golf season has started, and I am required to attend several golf
outings for my company. I have never been an avid golfer, and the khaki
and argyle look makes me want to resort to being a stubborn rebel
teenager all over again. What can I wear on the golf course that is
comfortable, fashionable, and won’t get me fired?

Fashion Mulligan

Dear Mulligan:

Ah, the wardrobe of the golfer. Unlike most sports during which
you wear a uniform or something you don’t care about being ruined by
sweat, golf requires clothing with a more “refined” air.
It may
just be a way for one’s golf swing to look more dignified, or maybe
those who started the game loved the polo/argyle/pleat-front khaki
look. However not everyone can swing a golf club with a stylish air, or
feel stylish in the golf ensemble.

Bad news first: Almost all golf courses have dress codes — I think
the exception may be mini-golf. Since these are corporate golf outings
you are attending, they are probably being held at nicer country clubs,
which usually have a strict dress code for the golf course. The
dress code usually requires a collared shirt, good-quality polo or mock
turtleneck, and Dockers-like shorts or pants (nothing that goes too
high above the knee).
Some courses are more lenient on the collar
rule, but it’s always smart to call ahead to the course you will be
playing at to make sure you won’t get sent home for dress code evasion.

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