WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

July 10, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Queen Latifah performing at "Good Morning America" in Cantral Park, NYC

Comment: Don't get me wrong, I love the Queen. And I usually love her fashion choices that celebrates the fabulousness of her curves. But when viewing this pic I had to take a double take to make sure it wasn't an actual bed sheet draped precariously around her. The white on white ensemble, besides looking suffocating and uncomfortable in the New York City heat, does nothing for the rapper extraordinaire's shape and ends up being just plain unflattering. Why wear pants and one long sleeved arm right now anyway, no matter what color it is? Enjoy the days made for swishy skirts and complete (not just half) sleevelessness.

Shes Thinking: It's not Labor Day yet!

Victoria Christina Hesketh at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London

Comment: Here's another case of someone needing a summery intervention: If you hail from the U.K. you know that periods of warm, balmy weather are few in far between. Therefore, one should celebrate the English roses at something dubbed a 'Summer Party' in appropriate fashion—one that does not require an any of the above: allover black, an Edwardian ruffled collar, jacquard, and spandex tights. Is Hesketh paying an homage to fellow Brit, the Bard himself? Or to space age chanteuse Lady Gaga with her shiny spandex and obvious lack of pants. Now we're just as confused as she is.

She's Thinking: To play or not to make a poker face. That is the question.

Roisin Murphy at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London

Comment: While it's true that any party that boasts the word,"Gallery" in the title does provide some license for stylistic risk, there are certain restrictions within that rule. Murphy here seems to toe that fine line between artistically stylistic and just overly artful, which few fashionistas dare to tread. Murphy's take on the high shoulder trend of late shows and seemingly evolved (or devolved) version resembling flattened wings, should she feel the need to take flight. And unless you were waling a runway this week, ornamented headpieces are not a good idea, especially when paired with a heavily embellished necklace, belt, and bag. Just one of Murphy's accessories would have done more to make the statement "notice me because I'm chic" rather than "notice me because I'm crazy."

Shes Thinking: This is what runway to realway truly looks like.

Helen Noguerra at the Jean Paul Gautier Couture show in Paris

Comment: On the extreme opposite end of the seemingly fashion forward, we have the group of offenders that have no trace of couture in their style, yet somehow get invited to these shows. Noguerra was shot here leaving Gaultier. Gaultier. If ever there was a need for a universal dress code it should be requested, nay enforced, for Paris Couture Week. Did she screw up her calendar and somehow think Bonnaroo was this weekend? That could be the only saving grace for a look this casual and cheap. There I said it, now I feel better.

She's Thinking: Free Bird!!

Mickey Rourke at the Jean Paul Gaultier Couture runway show in Paris

Comment: I hate to gang up on the Gaultier attendees but his show was the only one where more than one offender showed up in jeans. Rourke gave up his seat in the front row of the show to move farther back, probably so he wouldn't be targeted as much by paparazzi. And while Mr. Rourke probably was the worst dressed man in runway attendance history, we have to give him a small shout out out for trading his trademark flannel and leather jacket for at least a nice silk blazer. One small step at a time.

He's Thinking: This is as fancy as I get.

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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