Pampering for the Mom-To-Be

July 12, 2009 • Magazine

Pampering for the Mom-To-Be

Pampering for the Mom-To-Be

Sun, 2009-07-12 08:00

Kelley Epps-Woods

Being pregnant and becoming a mother is one of the many joys of life, even with the usual emotions of excitement and fear. It includes self-indulgence and pampering without any guilt or shame. It does takes special care and nurturing for your mind, body and soul to withstand the changes throughout pregnancy. Organic skincare is the best remedy for those with tired, achy and stretchy skin that comes along with pregnancy and it’s safe enough for both mom and baby. I have tried and experienced some products that are sure to help!

Earth Mama Angel Baby‘s natural pregnancy products combine ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge to help comfort women through pregnancy nausea, heartburn, hemorrhoids, pregnancy anxiety, swollen feet, stretch marks and more. Earth Mama Angel Baby believes in honoring pregnancy as a completely nature process that can be supported-naturally. I can say pregnancy has been wonderful except for my last trimester ligament pain, that left me aching for days, until I tried Earth Mama Angel’s Baby’s Third Trimester Tea. Where had this been earlier on in my pregnancy. I was amazed at how much it uplifted me and soothed my aching body.

But, for the for the pregnant mama who has everything: nausea, heartburn, anxiety, aches and pains, try Mama-to-Be-Tea Sample. You too will be able to experience the likes of the Ginger-minty Morning Wellness Tea, which is a comforting way to help get you through those morning queasies that often last all day, or the soothing Heartburn Tea was lovingly created to help turn down the furnace in your belly. For your achy, itchy skin try the Pregnancy Pampering Kit, and for when baby arrives the the postpartum surgery wellness. Earth Mama Angel Baby has just about anything to help sooth the discomforts of pregnancy.

For all natural beauty products for all ages and complexions try Nurture My Body products. The products are made with certified organic ingredients, and are packaged with eco-friendly materials. There handmade line of Organic Skincare, Body and Hair Care, brings purity and the healthiest skincare possible. Your baby can even be pampered with the Organic Baby Care Sample Set. The lotion, shampoos, and washes are perfect against your babies skin with its soothing and hydrating ingredients. I love that it is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and even more for your babies skin.

To experience the safest pampering for your body and mind try Belli Pregnancy. Belli Pregnancy is the only line in the world that is teratology screens each ingredient to help you guard against chemicals linked to birth defects in published research. For total body pampering for moms to be try the Motherhood Essentials Kit, and one of my favorites the Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator. With Green Tea Ginseng and Peppermint Oil this scrub will not only wake up your skin but it is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that’s soothing for us in these hot summer months. Don’t leave baby out of a luxurious pampering experience. Try the Belli Baby Gift Set that is sure to leave your new baby or soon-to-be baby soothed and calmed with the Calm Me Hair & Body Wash, Nourish Me Enriched Body Lotin, the Pamper Me Talc-Free Powder, and the Protect Me Diaper Rash Cream.

Whatever your needs may be, an organic skincare and baby line will ensure that you have the purest, healthiests ingredients for your mind, body, soul, and of course your new baby!

1. Angel Baby Kit $39.95
2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Pregnancy and Pampering Kit (includes Tea Samples) $39.95
3. C-Section Healing Kit $45.95
4. Nurture My Body Organic Baby Care Sample Set $25.97
5. Belli Baby Gift Set $39
6. Belli Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator $24
7. Belli Skincare Maternity Motherhood Essentials Kit $39

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