Bad Judgement du Jour. Lindsay Lohan’s Fashion-Themed T.V. Show

July 14, 2009 • Fashion


We can't seem to get enough of our favorite scandal-savvy starlet these days and luckily for us, she never disappoints. The newest chapter in the chronicles of 'Bad Choices by Lindsay Lohan' involves the actress turned businesswoman spearheading a television production company with business partner Kristi Kaylor. Lohan seemingly does not want to lose momentum after appearing in headlines recently over reportedly stealing the formula for her self-tanning spray Sevin Nyne, provoking the head designer of Emanuel Ungaro to leave his label by attempting to sign on creatively, and making off with several hundred thousand dollars in Dior jewelry from a photo shoot. After all that, anyone could see how the most logical next step for LiLo would be to take on producing! Lohan's production company is slated to be titled Unforgettable Productions, with the first project in the works called Faux Real. The show is said to be based on experiences of living within the fashion industry, and has been described so far as a girlier version of Entourage. And here we were thinking Entourage was just a more masculine version of Sex and the City. And yet, we are willing to give Lohan's show a shot if its ever brought to fruition, but only on one condition: we never have to see her 6126 leggings line again.

Article and Photo Source: newyorkmag
-Alia Rajput

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