Kate Moss Apparently Not Changing from Billboard to Boardroom Yet.

July 15, 2009 • Fashion

Kate Moss

New reports have just surfaced today denying the previous announcement that model Kate Moss was joining forces with Simon Cowell and Topshop mogul Sir Philip Green in their newly minted global entertainment company. WWD reported early this week that Cowell and Green's multichannel brand would own and create content for Europe and the U.S., and market products linked to the TV shows. Moss's supposed role would be "directing the style and image" of the new $1.62 billion brand, whose design was supposedly inspired by the Walt Disney Company. According to British tabloid Daily Mail, Moss would even be,“finding and signing new bands and promoting them,” as well as carving out a potential music career. While the last part seemed a bit far fetched, the rest of the alleged deal seemed perfectly feasible, though not sources close to Moss are saying it is all untrue . Moss does have a close connection with Topshop's Green, due to the consistent success her Kate Moss for Topshop line for the London-based retailer enjoys. But reports coming from all three parties' camps say that there is no deal for a partnership currently in the works. Although we're not exactly distraught over the model's lost signing career, there's no denying it would have been cool to see a global entertainment network styled exclusively by Kate Moss.

Article Source: WWD
Photo Source: marieclaire
-Alia Rajput

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