Wrapping Up the Summer Chill

July 17, 2009 • Magazine

Wrapping Up the Summer Chill

Wrapping Up the Summer Chill

Fri, 2009-07-17 08:00

Rachel Yeomans

The sundresses, sunglasses and beach hats declare that we are in the heat of summer. As the season starts to retrograde, the evening hours bring a hint of chill into the air. With the heat turned up during the day and the declining temperature creeping into the evening, it is at times difficult being prepared with the late summer wardrobe.

Take the situation of outdoor seating. During the dinner hours, you of course want to sit outside in the fresh air and watch street traffic. Unfortunately once it gets to a certain hour and a wind picks up, you have to make the unfortunate choice of scuttling inside or grabbing the check and heading home to avoid goosebumps. To circumvent both of these inopportune situations, the simple addition of a scarf or cardigan would add at least an hour to your enjoyable times in the outdoors.

The purse-ready cardigan is always a good standard — unfortunately when you extract the cardigan from your purse, it may look like it was retrieved from the back of your drawer after two weeks. Note: Humidity and rumpled clothing equals deep wrinkled attire! Whatever you throw in your bag for shoulder coverage, make sure it is of a slinky fabric such as twill, knit or jersey — avoid cotton or linen unless you have it tightly rolled and wrapped in plastic.

The standard in my emergency “get warm” handbag stash is the scarf. A thin large scarf is the perfect antidote to brisk summer winds, plus it looks good in any situation, and with any outfit. Plus if you don’t want to throw it in your bag during the day, just wrap it loosely around your neck for an alternative look to the necklace—you can always use it as a shawl when the temperature drops.

There is also the brilliance that is the cardi-wrap or shrug cardigan. This new wardrobe staple (in every color and material) is an ingenious fashion phenomenon that molds the cardigan and shawl into one! Therefore you have coverage on your arms but loose comfort of a shawl that won’t fall off your shoulders. And like the concept of the convertible dress, the cardi-wrap can be worn in so many ways, people might think that you’ve completely changed outfits! In my opinion, one can never have enough of the cardi-wrap.

We all want summer to last as long as possible — so in order to prolong time before the inevitable, make sure to be prepared with coverage for those earlier sunsets.

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