Shoe Department in Galeries Lafayette Named As “World’s Largest.”

July 20, 2009 • Accessories


The new shoe department of the luxe Paris department store Galeries Lafayette opened last Wednesday to much fanfare. Billed as the world's largest dedicated shoe space, the shop opened in the vast expanse of the department store's 34,500 square foot basement floor. According to the Galeries Lafayette, the store was only meeting the overwhelming demand of their clientele in opening to new footwear space, claiming French women are Europe’s largest consumers of shoes, buying an average
of six pairs a year. French shoppers are also avid footwear collectors, with 17
percent admitting to owning more than 20 pairs of shoes. “Shoes have become the number-one desire, ahead of sunglasses and
bags,” said Galeries Lafayette managing director Paul Delaoutre,
asserting that 75 percent of French women aren’t concerned with the
price of a pair of “dream shoes.” And the Galeries will undoubtedly stock plenty of dream pairs. Once the entire floor inventory is ready for the fall season at the end of
August, the shoe department will carry 150 brands, 75 of which will be exclusive to
Galeries Lafayette.

In addition to their regular clientele, the shop also wanted to cater to foreign customers that frequent the department store from places like Russia and China. To diversify their selection, the Galeries has stocked a wide range of footwear sizes. Prices reflect a wide range of needs as well, starting at around 99 euros, or $138, rising to 1,300 euros,
or $1,816,
for designer brands. Among the inventory, sandals and winter boots will be available year-round, meeting the
needs of French shoppers preparing for a vacation, as well as those of

Now that the space is officially open, the department store's next task is introducing the additional services that will soon be available such as pedicures, and artisan cobbler, and a personal shopping service.

Article and Photo Service: WWD
-Alia Rajput

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