Video Campaign. Don’t Shop, Seriously? You Can’t Afford it!

July 22, 2009 • Shopping

I hinted about this and showed some photos a few weeks back ("Style Coalition's Top Secret Before & After Photo Shoot"), but now I can share…check out the above video! On June 22nd, Style Coalition asked 13 top NYC online fashion media mavens (including me) to take part in a special video shoot at DEX New York
studios for the DON’T SHOP! campaign. The purpose was to support the fashion industry and
was inspired by the DON’T VOTE! video you probably saw aired during the last presidential campaign. Our campaign message? Even though you think you shouldn't be shopping…you really should!

Yes, the days of conspicuous consumption may be over (at least for the time being), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in your favorite designer handbag or an investment piece you will wear for years to come and possibly pass on to your daughter. I have to admit, I still wear many of the designer clothes my Mom invested in and passed down to me. Classics never go out of style. Just don't blow your hard earned cash or max out your credit cards on trendy items or three pairs of the same shoe in different colors (you know who you are!). The message of the campaign conveys the importance and value of supporting your favorite fashion designers
in these tough economic times. After all, when things do turn around…you want to still see them, don't you?

Participating in the video were: Yuli Ziv of, Jean V. Pratt of, Felicia Sullivan of, Michelle Madhok of, Lauren Dimet Waters of, Julia Dinardo of, Anne Fritz of, Morgan Williams of, Jennifer Davidson of, Gala Darling of, Sarah Conley of, Carolyn Hsu of, and Dina Fierro of

Enjoy, help us please spread the word…and please, get shopping!

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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