Lifetime’s First Trailer for Project Runway Fails to Fire Us Up

July 24, 2009 • Lifestyle


Lifetime has just released its first trailer for the new season of Project Runway and surprisingly, after all the hype about the show moving to the west coast, it appears as if the new network is trying to hide that fact that the show takes place in L.A. One would think the new ads would takes its cues from the old way of doing things, with sprawling views of Manhattan’s gritty backdrop and the on-camera shimmering that can only be described as New York summer heat. All this stylistic elements played their part in creating the dynamic for the competition that become so well-loved. Now in their new West Coast digs, the designers are only shown once on a beach—the one place you would think the producers would embrace by being in L.A. Other highlights include the artfully crafted one liners made to keep you on the edge of your seat for whats to come, and the menacing glint in the contestants’ eyes when shown designing against one another. And then of course, there’s the LiLo cameo. But besides a couple signature Project techniques, the trailer does seem to lack the conviction that previous seasons would use to make us go crazy with anticipation. Its as if in trying to please everyone, the network chose a dry, watered down version of advertising that they figured would combine the beloved old with the new. Not so much. Let’s just hope the actual show does not follow in the trailer’s blandly blah footsteps.

Article and Video Source: newyorkmag

-Alia Rajput

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