WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

July 24, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Actress Giulia Elettra Gorietti at the Giffoni Film Festival in Salerno, Italy

Comment: At first sight, these pants don't seem to be too offensive. The high-waist  and rosette almost make up for the geriatric seafoam color and boxy pleats. Though when paired with Gorietti's fluttery blouse, the look could be borderline retro chic.But right as we're about to bring her out of the nursing home, our eye traveled downward and stopped dead at the horrid, unforgivable length. The one thing that singlehandedly thrusts a look out of vintage and into downright matronly is a choppy, unflattering flood length. All she needs now is a rolling shopping cart and a head scarf—the plastic kind that won't get wet since she's obviously expecting some rain.

She's Thinking: Maybe I'll get to ride the bus for free! 

Speech Debelle at the 2009 Barclaycard Mercury Prize Nominations in London

Comment: As another example of  retro throwback gone wrong, Debelle tries to imitate the opposite end of the age spectrum. As opposed to Gorietti's age (above) Debelle is seemingly trying desperately to channel youth. As in, her youth from what it appears, was probably around 1984. Everything from the floppy, undone hair to the neon high top laces to the (ugh) light-washed denim tuxedo screams Kid N' Play video reject. The Eighties are trying to make a comeback; this is a prime reason why some believe it shouldn't be.

She's Thinking: This has been my lucky outfit since winning the sixth grade spelling bee!

Blake Lively onset filming for 'Gossip Girl' in Manhattan

Comment: This one is not as much a slam against Blake; she is, after all, just dressing the part for her character on a hit sitcom that usually hits more than misses in the style department. But whoever figured a good idea would come out of an ill-fitting cut out dress reminiscent of something found on Star Trek was clearly not in their right mind. Lively has been called out for choosing the wrong fits in the past, and this one definitely does not do the trick to highlight her beautiful body. She clearly neglects a bra, hence the ever present nipple show and it looks as if her lower undergarments are also making too much of an appearance for our taste. Honestly, where is Patricia Field when you need her?

She's Thinking: Beam me up, Leighton.

Jewel at 'An Evening With Dita Von Teese and Special Guests' in Hollywood

Comment: Jewel's tribal patterned gown is making a very obvious
statement—we're just not sure what exactly it is. An homage to the
indigenous people of her native Alaska? A visual interpretation of her
next book of poetry? A spontaneous amateur sewing project? Whatever
message the folk singer is trying to convey, it's resonating a bit too
loud. And as if there weren't enough competing patterns to choose from,
she chooses a blunt piece of jewelry with a rope necklace that dangles
so low, it risks being swallowed whole by the folds of her scary,
voluminous skirt.

She's Thinking: Who will save my soul after this?

Sass and Bide designers Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton at the Sass and Bide auction launch party in London

Comment: Gone are the days of the clandestine designer lurking
backstage of a show in layers of muted black. Now we seem to have
entered a new era where designers feel the need to raid their own racks
and throw together a hodge-podge of looks so that at any given time,
they can publicly showcase their entire collection on one body. That
is, at least we hope that was the line of thinking behind Clarke and
Middleton dressing this way. Anything else that describes the reason
behind these looks besides untamed doses of publicity would surely
involve a pitch black room and a serious lack of mirrors.

They're Thinking: We're designers so it's not ugly; its creative.

Photo Source: wireimage

-Alia Rajput  

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