BlogHer Chicago. Meeting Carson Kressley and Tim Gunn

July 27, 2009 • Events


Two fabulous fashion celebrities were in Chicago at the BlogHer '09 Conference last weekend.

On Friday, women lined up with their Nikon camera's (I had mine!) and were actually screaming a bit (not me) for a chance to meet Carson Kressley. He was there with Nikon to  promote Look Good In Pictures, Nikon's How To Series with Carson Kressley. He was friendly, high energy and did not disappoint by showing up in a bright lime green sweater and white flowered pants. When I met him he told me he liked my dress (want to bet it was the colors?). Later I could hear him complimenting women on their style, their handbags, answering questions and simply chatting fashion. He was great fun.


Saturday afternoon women were wrapped around the aisle to meet Tim Gunn in Tide's Laundry Lounge at BlogHer. Looking dapper, as always, in a perfectly tailored dark suit, the always sweet and polite Tim Gunn took his time to talk to everyone who wanted to meet him. 



I have interviewed Tim Gunn for Second City Style before — and he remembered me! He said "I thought there would be fashion bloggers here. I want there to be fashion bloggers!" I asked for some scoop on Project Runway. Of course, he only divulged what we pretty much know, that it is based in LA and will air on Aug 20th. He told me to get ready because there will be a lot to watch on the first day — 3-1/2 hours worth. (That actually made me excited.) There is the 2 hour lead-in, the one hour show and then the last half hour on models. "I wasn't sure what they could do just on the models for a half hour," said Gunn, "But it worked!" My hope for Project Runway is that Lifetime can "make it work!"

— Carol Calacci

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2 Responses to BlogHer Chicago. Meeting Carson Kressley and Tim Gunn

  1. Jennine says:

    hmm… that’s interesting… i’ve tried bogher and i don’t feel that it fits in with fashion bloggers, they seem to be more mommy geared, they like fashion, but in a more practical sense. but that’s just my experience.
    i’ll try to go next year!

  2. Carol Calacci says:

    I think you are right … there were not many fashion bloggers, but I was glad that they had Carson Kressley and Tim Gunn and that the women were excited about them. Next year BlogHer will be in New York…so it may be worth looking into.

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