Dov Charney Sets Up for More Lawsuits by Judging AA Staff on Their Looks

July 28, 2009 • Fashion

Would you want this face judging you???

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has done it again. Not even three months out of the woods from the company's embarrassing Woody Allen lawsuit, the operations head that we all love to hate is about to carve out another stretch of courtroom time with his latest antics. According to Gawker, Charney recently forwarded a new set of standards to the American Apparel store managers that stated explicit reasons for why employees should be fired. But the protocol did not involve anything having to do with customer service or work ethic, rather Charney demanded employees be filtered out that don't live up to the "AA aesthetic" physically. Didn't retail businesses everywhere learn their lesson after Abercrombie & Fitch was slammed with lawsuits years ago for reported "lookism" ? Apparently Charney was out to lunch then, as he seems to be often.

Gawker's source, a fed up AA store manager thats probably subjected to Charney's nonsense frequently, stated that CEO seemed to be panicked due to the low state of sales in the past few months. He checked up on all stores that were not doing well and had managers send in group photos of their employees, insinuating that low sales were directly tied to the physical qualities of the staff. It couldn't be, say, the economy or anything like that. After scrutinizing photos from stores all over the country, Charney released his statement encouraging managers to fire employees that didn't live up to his idea of the AA image, even if they were the top sellers in their store. Gawker's source said, "It's ironic that he would rather have gorgeous slackers who don't move
the product [or lift a finger] working there than normal looking people
who are really aren't that bad looking, but are A+ sellers and great at
customer service." The source went on to make the most powerful point in this argument by saying,"The real irony here is that he is no [looker],

Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before Charney's decisions snowball into the legal arena. Again. Many are predicting class-action lawsuits and hoping, without sympathy, for the worst. American Apparel has been able to squeak through its previous legal matters with settlements and concessions, but this time around that may not be enough.

Article Source: newyorkmag, gawker
Photo Source: gawker
-Alia Rajput

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