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July 29, 2009 • Fashion


Bonnie J Brown for Second City Style Magazine

An ex-boyfriend of mine once owned a yellow Lacoste cardigan
sweater. Whenever he wore it he reminded me of dreamboat Jake Ryan from
the 1984 movie, Sixteen Candles. Not that he actually looked
like Jake, but he did pull off the preppy look very nicely and, what
can I say, having grown up in the 80’s I’ve always been a sucker for
peg leg jeans on guys. Now I say that an ex-boyfriend of mine once owned a yellow Lacoste cardigan because I know he no longer has it… I do.

The first time I wore the sweater was for necessity, I was cold and
it was near by so I put it on. The next time I wore the sweater I
attempted to imitate his look, peg leg jeans and all. The sweater was
obviously much bigger on me so my attempted preppy look came across a
bit more slouchy, but I loved the look none-the-less and will still
wear that outfit for lazy days or when I’m running errands around town.
And it seems as if I am not the only one who likes the idea of wearing my boyfriends' clothing not only for necessity, but for fashion as well.
For years now clothing companies have marketed “boyfriend” jeans,
sweaters and even underwear to women. Now you don’t even have to have a
boyfriend to wear his clothing.

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