Lookbooks That Look Back

August 2, 2009 • Magazine

Lookbooks That Look Back

Lookbooks That Look Back

Sun, 2009-08-02 05:00

Becky Ellis

Sometimes designers make my job easy; this is one of those times. Lookbooks for Fall ’09 are teeming with vintage themes, and unlike some seasons, those themes aren’t bound to any one decade. Here’s a smattering:

Levi’s Vintage Clothing: 1920’s-30’s
Before The Man started outfitting prisoners in fluorescent orange jumpsuits—surely a part of their punishment—denim was the rough and tumble uniform for the rough and tumble inmate. Levi’s Vintage Clothing is going for jailhouse chic by busting out overalls, vests, t-shirts and sack coats that your grandpa might have worn… if he was serving 15 to life.

Wundervoll: 1930’s-40’s
Although they have low-rise options, Berlin-based Wundervoll is known for their high-waisted—yet sexy—skivvies, which already lend their line some vintage appeal. Their Fall 09 collection goes a step further with designs and colors taken from the Art-Deco stylings of the 30s and 40s.

House of Harlow: 1960’s
Vintage inspiration isn’t bound to clothing: While not exactly surprising coming from a girl known for a penchant for all things boho, Nicole Richie’s jewelry line does the hippie thing, extending the summer into the Autumn of Love.

Wildfox Couture: 1980s
If it wasn’t for the black nail polish (and, um, the fangs), I couldn’t be sure that these images from the Wildfox Couture lookbook weren’t taken at one of my junior high slumber parties. A favorite of starlets like Miley Cyrus and Fergie, Wildfox does sporty, vintage-inspired knitwear like t’s, leggings and sweatshirts.

1-2. Levi’s Fall ’09 Lookbook
3. Wundervoll Fall ’09 Lookbook
4. House of Harlow Fall ’09 Lookbook
5-6. Wildfox Couture Fall ’09 Lookbook

Image Layout: Khyra Cooper

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