Celebrity Style. Give It Up For The Teens.

August 10, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Teens are known for being risktakers in fashion and so celebs don't fail to try something different when the Teen Choice Awards come into town.  But teens are also known for sticking to trends–and this time around, the celebs were "fadding it" full throttle. Like a dumbed down MTV Movie Awards with less spunk but enough style, these awards had its share of stripes, sandals, technicolor, high-waist, and drape but not enough to bowl us over.

There were a few stars, however, who stood out:

Top 10 Best Dressed

Ashley Greene

Kristen Stewart should take notes from her frothy Twilight co-star, who's definitely more girly-girl then the rocker chick wannabe will ever be. With a bustier top and polka-dot skirt, Ashley Greene was perfectly princess and perfectly panache.

Selena Gomez

This Grecian goddess still kept it curvaceously cute. Love the updo and purplish hue of the draped dress.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale goes for her usual bustier dress, but I do like the dip dyed top. One thing you gotta love about Ashley lately, her clothes always tend to be tailored perfectly to her petite waist.

Brenda Song

There's something classic, yet mod that I just love about this Disney star's ensemble. It looks like it would be one of those trendy black and white high-waist skirt combos, then she changes it up with the draped bottom. So stylish!

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester's style always say something and this time, we heard her loud and clear. Not so over-the-top like her usual getups, but the red stunners definitely grab our attention!

Sofia Vassilieva

There's just something so cute about this romper–making use of the floral print trend and the beguiling summer jumper syndrome. 


Fergie looks tanned and toned and the rainbow stripes on this minidress don't make her look any less enticing. Also love the purple ankle wrap closed toe heels.

Emma Roberts

The fashion finessed Emma always looks spot-on.

Miranda Cosgrove

The musical dress hits a high note (!) as it's fun and fancy free. And anyone who can wear those open-toe platform boots is a winner in my book!

Vanessa Hudgens

Love the color on this number–in fact, dark blue always works well with jet black hair.

Then there were a few stars who stood out–for the wrong reasons.

Top 10 Worst Dressed
Audrina Patridge

Purple ruched dress, blue pumps, weird choker–ew, ew, and EW!

Abigail Breslin

Her My Sister's Keeper co-star Sofia was beautifully floral, but I have to wonder–what was Ms. Abigail thinking when she chose this outfit. And what kind of stylists let her wear it?!? She looks like a peasant girl on a farm.

Britney Spears

Can you say dominatrix? What's with the tight black get-up. While we admit that Britney herself looks fierce, we'd await the day when we can see her in som
ething fashion forward.

Emily Osment

Blah blah…Miley Cyrus's partner in crime on her Disney show Hannah Montana plays it safe in solid brown with a cut at the collar of the dress that makes her look grandmotherly. Take some tips from Miley and wear a leather skirt!

Kristen Stewart

We know the hair's for her upcoming Joan Jett role, but we're wondering why Kristen didn't take our breath away–again. The skirt isn't really a winner, just your basic sequined fringe and the vest is nice, but nothing special. Why not go for Joan Jett all the way and put on some tight leather pants? At least she's wearing heels 🙂

Keana Texeira

This red number could have been HOT. Until you realize that it looks like it's unraveling before our eyes. What is the point of the hanging fabric anyway? Is it for show? Because it sure doesn't get us gasping for a breath.

Kim Kardashian

Always trying something new, Kim goes for blond. But the dark brown of her natural hue would have been richer–and brought out her tan a little more. We know Kim has curves and it's hard for her to wear white, but the way she's trying to cover up her barely there tummy in front turns sour with all this bagginess.

Nikki Reed

Guess Nikki doesn't have the fashion know-how of her Twilight counterpart Ashley Greene. In an attempt to be femme and fashion forward, she wears this squiggly print dress with puff sleeves, shoes that are risky but don't go with the outfit anyway, a studded clutch, and frumpy hairdo that just goes all wrong.

Kat Von D

I have no words.

Photos: Wireimage, TheInsider.com
–Simona Kogan

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  1. Susan McNeill says:

    IMHO Ashley Greene is the best cast member of the Twilight series, plus she always looks fabulous! LOVE the ankle strap shoes in a bright color!

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