Blahnik Tonic. Flip-Flops Not Just Ugly, But Dangerous.

August 12, 2009 • Accessories

Flip flops

We all wear them from time to time, but come on…we know they are ugly. But who knew they could kill you? According to the New York Daily News your flip-flops (yes, even the Tory Burch ones) are magnets for dangerous and deadly bacteria. Ew.

That film of grime that coats your feet at the end of a day of flip-flopping around city streets, the subway, the grocery store, you name it…is some dangerous dirt which gets ground into the rubber of your flip-flops. Lab tests of two sets of flip-flops, worn for four days, revealed
a potentially deadly germ – Staphylococcus aureus – living on the
rubber. If it seeps into a cut on your foot – an entirely common
summer affliction – the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and, if left
untreated, kill you. Um, grossness!

A $3.50 pair of rubber flip-flops were found to have harbored approximately 18,100 bacteria of the five
most prevalent varieties found. (If you wear them into a public restroom expect roughly
13,900 more bacteria.)

Good reason to wear shoes…right?

Read more "Flip-flops are a magnet for dangerous, deadly bacteria" here.

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  1. Holly says:

    You could easily just stick them in the dishwasher, which I hear is also a great way to wash your keyboard. Yes, your keyboard.

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