Green Revolution: A Night of Organic Beauty, Fashion and Wellness     

August 13, 2009 • Events


L'Etoile Salon, Chicago's only organic salon, partnered with green businesses at Green Dolphin Street last night to create a night of organic decadence. The night was all things green. Clients of L'Etoile Salon modeled clothing from organiK Revolution informally while guests enjoyed organic wine, "Greentini's" and healthy appetizers by Karyn's Raw. I was surprised how delicious the appetizers were and was pleased to hear the wine (organic) was also provided by Karyn's. Okay – if the wine is involved maybe I can eat this way.


Chicago Designer Kristin Hassan  from Bravo's The Fashion Show (above with a model) told me
that is her personal goal is to get women (while they are young) to
understand the importance of wearing organic fabrics!



Wendi Hill and Nancy Plummer


Kasia Koniar and Asia Borycka


Latesha Lipscomb



Beata Zwolinski, Dr. Jan Lei Iwata, Ginger Zee, Nick Colatos, Karyn Calabrese and Dr. Bernd Friedlander

An organic beauty demonstration was shown and followed by wellness and nutrition lectures by experts, who were introduced by the lively Ginger Zee (she hosts 'Green is Universal' on Channel 5 every Thursday at 6pm). Nick Colatos explained why ammonia hair color continues to damage and remove melanin from your hair and organic color will keep the color and not cause damage. Esthetician Beata Zwolinski and Dr. Bernd Friedlander, Olympic Sports Fitness trainer and chiropractor, know just the right formula of the vitamins and components to restore collagen naturally.


The presentation was followed by a runway walk with the models (and their fabulous hair) and green fashion by organiK Revolution.

Green Revolution Presenters

Dr. Jan Lei Iwata, D.O., Pharm.D., M. S., Alternative Medicine, Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Karyn Calabrese, Raw Foodist and Holistic Health Expert, Karyn's Restaurants

Beata Zwolinski, Holistic Esthetician, L'Etoile Salon

Nick Colatos, Veteran Hair Stylist & Organic Color System Specialist, L'Etoile Salon

Dr. Bernd Friedlander, California Nutritionist

Fashion Presentation by organiK Revolution

More information: L'Etoile Salon

—Carol Calacci

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  1. MissDanvers says:

    I wish I could have been there! If only I had known about this event! All things that I care deeply about: organic, beauty, fashion and wellness. Thank you for this review and for posting the photos. Everyone looks fabulous and beautiful!

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