Legally Yours. Abercrombie Employee with Prosthetic Wins Discrimination Dispute.

August 14, 2009 • Fashion

Riam Dean

A former employee of a London location of Abercrombie & Fitch has won 8,000 pounds after she filed a discrimination suit against the preppy retail giant. Riam Dean claimed she has suffered unlawful harassment due to her inability to live up the store's "look policy" because of her prosthetic arm. Dean said that after covering her arm with a cardigan she was forced to work in the stockroom. The former employee said she was "distraught" and "humiliated" for her apparent lack of an "all-American image" and originally filed the suit seeking 20,000 pounds for disability discrimination. A central London tribunal ruled that A&F did fail to comply with employee law and therefore awarded Dean with the 8,000 pounds, though the tribunal did state that disability discrimination was not evident in the case. Dean's lawyer, Steve Beverly, stated that the apparel company should have known better and should take full blame for suits in this nature. "It is all very well having glossy staff handbooks dealing with discrimination procedures – but you must actually apply them," he said adding that Dean showed "great courage' to stand up to a huge, multi-million dollar enterprise like Abercrombie & Fitch. Several more cases like these though, and they may not have what's left of their millions for too long.

Article and Photo Source: BBC
-Alia Rajput
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