Bad Judgement du Jour. Perez Hilton Tries His Hand at Fashion

August 14, 2009 • Fashion

Perez Hilton

Yesterday was the official launch of gossipeur Perez Hilton's newest endeavor. The celebrity gossip blogger known for his no-holds-barred approach at calling out any blunder or public misstep has turned his sparkly-shaded sights to discuss fashion. Now, while we admit we hate to love the occasional check in with Hilton to see who is in and out of rehab this week, we're not quite sure we would take fashion advice from a man who traipses around in velvet suits and feather boas. But the new fashion blog, called Coco Perez, is blessedly more about celebrity trend spotting than Hilton doling out tips himself. Although, honestly, we already have enough outlets for that already. Despite speculation that this was a temporary project for Hilton, the blog does have a serious sponsor in The Gap and depicts a very serious looking Hilton, dressed in black and wedged between the two words of the blog's title. Is this supposed to make us think he's serious about fashion? We're not sure yet, but he may be seriously kidding himself. 

Article Source: newyorkmag

Photo Source: msnbc

-Alia Rajput

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