The New York Post Reviews The September Issue, Live Twitter Chat With Film’s Director Today.

August 18, 2009 • Lifestyle


The New York Post released its review of upcoming documentary The
September Issue
today, summing up the fashion-themed film as "juicy viewing." Filmed throughout the first half of 2007, the
film creates as a behind the scenes look into the pre-recession days of
Vogue (Orangina endlessly stocked in the staff mini fridges, weekly
business lunches at Nobu) before the Conde Nast publication was hit
hard by ad sale declines and significant lay offs earlier this year.
And though a peek at the drool-worthy fashion closet at Vogue is enough
to make us tune in to its August 28th premiere, the Post claims that
the real viewing fodder is in director R.J. Cutler's psychological
portrayal of the magazine's severely chic editor in chief Anna Wintour.
A typically private person, Wintour has openly refused interviews for
years; yet she holds the doors wide open for Cutler, who breaches the
coveted lines of her jurisdiction to thoroughly record the making of
the September 2007 issue,  one which would become the magazine's biggest
publication ever—a whopping 840 pages volume that today, seems a glint
in Wintour's eye behind her oversized Gucci shades.

A more recent version of Wintour's reality includes a piteously slim
September 2009 issue, released during Conde Nast's current overhaul by
management consultants, layoffs left and right, and whispers about when
Wintour herself would be shown the gilded door. Hence, the recent bevy of
interviews—the film, 60 Minutes, Letterman—which could be seen as
counterattacks if Wintour is, as assumed by the Post, "thinking if
terms of legacy." If the fashion industry's ice queen is going down,
The September Issue proves that, as with most issues in the industry,
Wintour won't let it happen without putting up a fight. The review
notes, "Even if you don't give a fig for fashion, it's rare that you
get to
see Nero tuning up his fiddle as Rome is about to spontaneously
combust. And to be sure, she is a dictator — that we already know.
What the
viewer can now decide is if she is, in fact, a benevolent dictator."

Now you have a chance to ask director R.J. Cutler all of those burning questions that are surely piling up about Vogue, Anna Wintour, and the potential fate of the magazine. Today there will be a live Twitter chat at 5 pm EST with The September Issue's director. Follow along on the film's Twitter page.

You can also post questions to R.J. Cutler and The September Issue team on the film's fan page on Facebook.

Article Source: The New York Post

Photo Source: nitrolicious

-Alia Rajput

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