Author Ryan Kohnen Describes How to Frugally Dress for Success

August 19, 2009 • Fashion

Ryan Kohnen's new book Young Professional's Guide to Success

In these hard times when so many of us are out there looking for work, its become increasingly more and more difficult to put your best foot forward—that is, a foot clad in a designer shoe—for job interviews when your savings continue to dwindle. Luckily, potential employers don't care much for labels, as much as they do the overall confidence and polish that you exude. A good first impression is key while in a prospective job environment and though looking pulled together is crucial, it doesn't have to be a process that breaks the bank. Author and entrepreneur Ryan Kohnen articulates this point in his new book Young Professional's Guide to Success. Kohnen credits a smart, solid appearance to helping him get to where he is today and in turn, supplies readers with the advice of over 70 CEOs, top executives, and community leaders on how they can obtain the ideal job they are looking for.

As part of his philosophy in looking the part for less, here Kohnen compiled his top 5 ways on how to dress for an interview for under $100:

1) Go monochromatic. Dressing in one color is always polished and can make up for the fact that your suit isn't Armani.

2) Develop a relationship with a tailor. Even a $20 pair of Gap dress-pants are interview worthy if they fit right.

3) Discount retailers and off season sales are your friends. Last season's perfectly fashionable cast offs can be yours for often one quarter of the price.

4) Separates are an option, especially in neutral colors. A navy cardigan can replace a navy jacket, especially when paired with a navy pencil skirt.

5) Limit jewelry. It can tends toward expensive or showy, and neither will do you any favors while you're looking for work.

Find out more of Ryan Kohnen's tips on successful job hunting in his book Young Professional's Guide to Success (August 2009, $21.95, Emerald Book Company), available wherever books are sold.

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  1. These are all great tips — and not just for those new to the workforce. Everybody’s on a budget these days!

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