Blahnik Tonic. Chie Mihara Fall ’09 Faves

August 19, 2009 • Accessories

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I have been a huge fan of Chie Mihara shoes and boots for years. I bought my first two pairs at Robin Richman in Chicago about 4 years ago (and a few more at Niche and Bloomingdale's). I love them not only for their style, but for comfort. Slightly retro, yet with a heel height that does not frighten me…I quickly became a huge fan. The shoes are so comfortable, you can wear them all day…in fact I did back during my Neiman Marcus days. I have had my collection resoled more times than I have any other brand of shoes I own. To me that's a huge testament that they are worth keeping around, are very wearable and don't go out of style quickly. I get more compliments on my purple suede Chie Mihara retro booties, but I digress.

The Spanish shoe designer actually lived in New York and is of Japanese decent, but was born in Brazil. Got that? It's important to note that history because her aesthetic is influences by all of the above. I recently found out Chie has a background in orthopedic footwear, which is why her footwear is so comfortable! For Fall '09 she has really outdone herself. These collection are ultra-feminine and vintage-inspired. Check out the amazing ruffle, cutout and jeweled detailing. I want every pair. It has been a few years since I added to my Chie Mihara shoe wardrobe and I think it's now time to get some more!




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" You don't have suffer to be beautiful" – Chie Mihara.

Check out this video of Chie below!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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3 Responses to Blahnik Tonic. Chie Mihara Fall ’09 Faves

  1. Carol says:

    I love the black shoes with the ribbons!

  2. Lolly D says:

    Oh, Chie Mihara shoes are the only high heels I’ll even consider wearing these days. I can walk and stand in them without going home with aching feet. A miracle! I’ve found Ped Shoes ( often carries styles that other stores that carry Chie don’t stock. And since I don’t like looking like everybody else…

  3. Samantha says:

    OH MY! All of those shoes are amazing! It would be nice if they had these in big shoes for women like me. I have bigger feet than the average girl, and sometimes that makes it hard to find some really nice styles like these.

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