Various Critics Say Lifetime Has Not Changed Project Runway. Premiere Tonight!

August 20, 2009 • Lifestyle


So today is the day! After what seems like a lifetime (no pun intended) of waiting and agonizing and nail biting over when the next Project Runway season would debut, it's finally happening tonight. The sixth season will air on the show's new parent network Lifetime and since the date was announced a few months ago, even more anguish and hair pulling has occurred over whether or not the new network has changed the show's beloved recipe as made famous by Bravo. This  process was made that much more grueling when the news broke of the show being filmed in L.A. this season instead of its trademarked home of New York.

But today, as the premiere hovers closer within reach with every passing hour, New York Magazine says cut the dramatics: the show is fine. Ingeniously, they collected reviews of the premiere from across the country. Critics' opinions from The New York Times, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, The Boston Globe, and the Philadelphia Daily News, (among others) are clipped, filed, and posted for consulting before tonight's show. The general consensus from the experts is that the show really hasn't changed all that much despite the new network and the cross coastal location change. The contestants still fit the stereotypical roles of past seasons like "resident cryer" and "mean girl", Tim Gunn is still curt and breakdown-inducing, and the first challenge hits blessedly close to home as an Emmy red carpet gown made from $200 and thirty minutes of fabric time at Mood. So now everyone can relax, stop biting down whats left of their nails, and maybe even treat themselves to a manicure before tonight. Afterall, we want to look good for Heidi, Nina, Michael, and Tim tonight. It's been too long since we saw them last.

Read up on New York Magazine's Critics' Review of the Project Runway Premiere!

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