Project Runway Season 6: The Premiere. Are They Really in L.A.? Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

August 21, 2009 • Lifestyle

Tim & Heidi…making it work!

Well, after a ridiculous legal battle, the show is finally back! While Bravo's The Fashion Show held us over for some of PR's absence (slightly), we gotta say, we are glad to see Heidi and Tim's faces again, and we're glad the show is not too different. Other than being in LA, and switching Parsons for FIDM, things feel the same. Same intro, same suspenseful music, same fabric store, and same champagne toast on the roof!


In the spirit of being so freakin' excited that the show is back on (even if it is on Lifetime), we are gonna contain the snark-spewing about the contestants, at least for this week. We won't tease the Feather Prince, we won't tell Johnny to suck it up, and we won't even begin to comment on the array of designer hairdos. It seems like the producers were thinking the same— they gave the 16 designers a fairly simple first challenge: Design a red carpet gown that shows innovation and your point of view. We like it for now, but we hope there are some hoops to jump through and crazy wrenches in the gears in future challenges! A whole season of this could get really boring. It’s not good when the new model spin-off show is better than the show itself!


On the Runway, judged by surprise-guest Lindsay Lohan, we're pretty sure we saw a naked girl, a bike messenger in hooker boots and Cruella Deville, alongside some very cute and wearable dresses. Lindsay was looking a little rough—couldn't someone from the L'Oreal makeup room have helped Lindsay with her face? (Okay, maybe a little snark this week…) Althea put out a great Old Hollywood style gown, Gordana showed off a funky teal bodice, and Mitchell's model was definitely naked. Malvin, for all his talk, showed a dress that looked like one you would buy at Anne Taylor because you could wear it a wedding shower brunch AND work it into your office wardrobe. Christopher's dress looked good on his model, if maybe a touch junior prom. Ra'mon nailed it in navy. Ari put out blue shorts for the red carpet, and still, no one knows why. In the end, Christopher took home the win with his very wearable evening dress, and Ari returned to her home in outer space. We loved every minute of it. PR is back!


Althea's Old Hollywood style


Gordana's funky bodice


Malvin's dress looked like it was from Ann Taylor


Ra'mon's nailed it in navy


Ari's blue shorts for the red carpet sent her home to outer space


Christopher's Design – The Winner

And now, of course, for your memorable quotes of the evening:

If you give me a sheep, I can make you a sweater. – Gordana

I don't call if plus-size, I call it plus-sexy!
– Qristyl

Basically I'm known in New York City as The Feather Prince. My friends joke around about me, they say, Nick all you use is chiffon, lace, feathers and champagne! – Nicholas

Hello fabric, what would you like me to make you into today? – Ari

I don't differentiate between different colored carpets. – Malvin.

I'm done acting a-fool.
– Johnny

No one can ever really describe the type of garments I do. There's not a vocab for them yet. – Malvin

Not styled correctly, this could go cruise line cocktail waitress. – Tim Gunn to Christopher

Forgive me but I'm worried that this is going to look like a halter diaper. – Tim Gunn to Mary

The big butt factor is a …big but! – Tim Gunn to Ra'Mon

He's basically sending a nude model down the runway. I think this is a first for Project Runway. – Nicholas

I'm really worried about what Heidi, Nina Garcia and especially Michael Kors is going to say about my… naked model. – Mitchell

I do not care what state of repair or disrepair people are in… We are going to the runway! – Tim

It ultimately looks a little schizophrenic, like you glued two dresses together. She's gonna get killed by the tabloids! – Michael Kors

She looks like a disco soccer ball. – Kors

It's a kind of cool nightgown. I can see it in the house, you know, with a glass of brandy and the fire place going, but I certainly can't see it on the red carpet! – Michael Kors

Let's be honest, the front of the dress wa
s a nightmare.
– Kors on Qristyl

It was just like speaking to somebody in another world! – Nina on Ari

Mitchell, of course, gave us the fully transparent nightgown caftan. – Kors

Until next week!

– Hayley Wells

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Photos: Lifetime TV

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  1. I for one was very happy to see Project Runway Season 6. Lots of great looks for everyone. Keep it coming. Stay Sexy Everyone 🙂

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