Retail Detail. J.C. Penney Stores Hit with Five Robberies in Three Months.

August 21, 2009 • Shopping


J.C. Penney is no longer only in the headlines because they have dared to take over NYC! WWD reported in the early hours this morning that five Penney's stores have been hit with substantial robberies since June with most recent occurring this week. Burglars supposedly broke into the roofs of the department stores and made off with jewelry, apparel, and other merchandise worth millions. The heists occurring this week were caught on surveillance video in Covington and Lafayette, La. The first robbery in June took place in Indianapolis while one in July affected the Houston suburbs of Pasadena and Rosenberg.

Authorities have yet to conclude whether the crimes were all linked and the retail chain is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. Penney’s spokesman Tim Lyons said Thursday that the stolen goods were made up of mostly gold and diamond jewelry and denim. “Unfortunately, it is part of the trend that is going on in the
industry with organized retail crime,” Lyons said. “The loss has been
substantial in each case. In some of the cases they spent a
considerable amount of time in the store.”

That was proved to be true after surveillance of the last two robberies showed strikingly similar set ups of two men carrying 2-by-4 wooden planks and black garbage bags for the wares. “Obviously, they had some previous knowledge of the establishment,”
said Lt. Craig Stansbury, a spokesman for the Lafayette Parish
Sheriff’s office. “They were pretty precise and knew exactly what they
were after.”
Sadly, as a potential sign of the times, the National Retail Federation posted that 92 percent of retailers had been the victim of organized theft in the
previous 12 months, compared with 85 percent in April 2008. Also, 73 percent said the problem was increasing versus 66 percent in
2008. so far, no arrests for the Penney's robberies have been made.

Article Source: WWD
Photo Source: businessweek
-Alia Rajput

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