New Consignment Webstore Offers Up News Anchors’ Wardrobes

August 24, 2009 • Magazine

Now you can dress like Chicago anchors Cheryl Burton and Ravi Baichwal!

In an interesting new innovation online, a webstore has opened its virtual doors to allow T.V. personalities to buy, sell, and swap their news clothes! Newly launched was thought up as a way for news professionals—anchor, reporter, meteorologist, sportscaster, or host—to get rid of ' TV Clothes' deemed overly viewed by the public, and even obtain other, gently used ones from their fellow oft-watched colleagues. "Clothes that look great on TV can be hard to find and even harder for
many broadcasters to afford," says the "about us" section of the site. True-you may wonder how long the lifespan of a blouse or tie can possibly be after its been worn under the hot lights and viewed by millions of people. And so many of us may forget that news anchors, just like the rest of us, seemingly have limited disposable income these days, though according to The New York Post, the site is not necessarily "indicative of the hard times that have struck TV news." But since we are all seemingly in the same boat when it comes to wanting an affordable option for 'TV Clothes', its especially great that the site makes the various anchors' wares available to the public. The site allows you to shop by color, size, or brand and has a wide variety of item choices. And although you can't search for clothes donated by a specific anchor since the site does not include who has consigned the clothes, it still feels good to gain access to a service with such a seemingly exclusive purpose. So now the dream of owning a closet made up entirely of conservative, brightly colored solids can finally come to fruition!Helmut hairdo sold separately.

Article Source: The New York Post

Photo Source: flickr

-Alia Rajput

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