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August 27, 2009 • Fashion


Bonnie J Brown for Second City Style Magazine
Bell bottoms, baby doll tops, maxi dresses and psychedelic tie dye; the 1960’s are calling and they want their fashions back. This August marked the 40th anniversary of Woodstock,
a three day concert that encapsulated the hippie movement of peace,
love and music. And wouldn’t you know it? – the summer of 2009 has
celebrities and fashionistas alike commemorating the anniversary by
wearing fashions as if in honor of the festival and the times. But
unlike the hippies from the 60’s whose favorite stores included the
Salvation Army, their local resale shop and material and craft stores, today’s hippies are nabbing their looks straight from the runway.

Like most fashion movements that begin on the streets, hippies from the sixties were openly boycotting the conventional.
Most were against the Vietnam War, some adopted Eastern philosophies
and religions (including Yoga) and others embraced the Native American
ideals which included the love of the earth, not to mention their
beautiful jewelry and bead work. The hippies’ lifestyle also embraced
sex, drugs and rock and roll. These characteristics brought
together created a unique look for all and what once was a small group
of individuals quickly expanded into an international lifestyle and
mainstream fashion movement.
Women wore their hair down, often
wearing flowers in it; loose flowing dresses of vibrant colors, usually
self tie dyed; jeans, since they were more than likely bought second
hand were shabby and tattered and dresses, too, were loose and flowing
for optimal comfort.

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