Celebity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

August 28, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Shenae Grimes vs. Taylor Momsen in Ecoganik

Winner: Shenae Grimes for sporting a cool, modern take on this age appropriate look. Grimes pairs the Ecoganik tunic with a slouchy vest and chain strap bag—two pieces that are totally on point with the current trends of the season. Her Ray Bans and gladiator-esque sandals complement the other accessories nicely without looking too cluttered or overbearing. Momsen is seemingly trying to channel a mid-nineties Courtney Love with her messy platinum tresses and oversized cardigan. But its ultimately the clunky clog/loafer hybrids we just can't forgive.

Anna Paquin vs. Cameron Diaz in Alexander McQueen

Winner: This may be a matter of opinion here, but Anna Paquin just rocks this dress with her curves. The child star is all grown up and hotter than ever in the black, zip-up frock which seems to hug her in all the right places. Her polished hair only adds to the appeal of the crisp, raised collar and and slingback pumps are perfect. Its not that Diaz doesn't look good in her gray version of the dress; she just doesn't, um, fill it out as well. And her loose hair and blue open-toes are don't add as much pizzaz as Paquin's overall ensemble.

Hayden Panettiere vs. Audrina Partridge in Zuhair Murad

Winner: Audrina Partridge. Some dresses speak volumes themselves and are therefore best left alone. This one, however, could do with a little glamorous accenting and Partridge seems to get that. Her necklace, bag, and shoes all complement the vibrant purple hue of the dress—in their respective tones of blue and beige—without coming off as too matchy. The dress is lovely on Panettiere too but she kind of cops out with the safe option of black shoes and a champagne bag. Partridge is having fun with color and sets each piece far enough apart so that they are not competing with each other: the ultimate recipe for accessorizing well.

Nicky Hilton vs. Fergie in Vena Cava for Gap

Winner: Fergie. This zip-up dress is the ultimate piece in laid-back, casual chic. Fergie seems to get that when choosing to don the dress trough LAX, complete with uber-cool traveling necessities like gladiator flats, oversized sunglasses, and a big, sturdy carryall. Her loose locks complete the tousled, yet polished on-the-go look. Hilton sported the dress for an an event and looks far too stiff and serious to be channeling the piece's simplicity. Her pulled-back hair and starkly black sandals seem to weigh down the dress, which begs for a certain lightness. Plus it helps that Fergie's golden glow looks better against the chalky, beige background of the design; for paler Hilton it merely makes her appear washed out. 

Rihanna vs. Sienna Miller in Twenty8Twelve

Winner: The designer knows her stuff! Twenty8Twelve designer Sienna Miller is the epitome of modern, urban style in this ensemble. The skirt from her label looks effortlessly perfect on her, yet allows the more statement making pieces of the shirt, necklace, shoes, and bag to stand out. Its as if the skirt holds the rest of the look together. Miller could be walking the streets in any fashion capital in the world in just about any decade of the past fifty years. She looks timeless, classic, and elegant. Rihanna doesn't possess the overall seamlessness in her look and seems uncomfortable in her button-down and pearls whereas Miller exudes a relaxed confidence. Plus, Rihanna's skirt length is flirting with just a bit too short for our taste, which looks a bit cheap against the more demure quality of the rest of the outfit. 

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-Alia Rajput

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