WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

August 28, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Brittany Curran at the premiere of 'Extract' in L.A.

Comment: Curran went just a little too over the top with the sugary sweetness of this dress. Floral and lace and bows, oh my! Its like she can't decide between channeling a a good little school girl with the pink hue and the bows, or a school marm with the old-fashioned cut and tablecloth pattern. And whats with the chunky dominatrix shoes? That must be the naughty school girl trying to get out. 

Shes Thinking: Sugar and spice and everything nice!

Nina Bergman at the premiere of 'Final Destination' on L.A.

Comment: Even though Bergman is at a premiere of a horror flick, it doesn't mean she needs to scare the children at home on the runway. And a midriff-baring, zip-up, denim bustier will scare just about anyone—even if she does have the body to pull it off. The piece is so dated that even pairing it with a modern trend like black, skinny-cut leggings won't bring into the 21st century. Some clothes are just like those cliched victims in horror movies—you just have to let them die.

She's Thinking:
I always wanted to be a Fly Girl.

Kristina Rihanoff at the Bittersweet Partnership Garden Party in London

Comment: And speaking of resurrecting dated looks, if there is any one 80s trend that we should keep in the vaults (lest we wind up with painful flashbacks) is the 8os prom dress. The shape, the texture, the detailing—all aspects of the hideous prom-like gown can be kept locked up with the key thrown out. As long as a trend is still being used as a theme night in college bars across the country, it should not be worn in real life.

Shes Thinking: 
I knew there was a reason i kept this after the last Tri-Delt mixer!

Olivia Palermo at a party hosted by Diesel in New York City

Comment: Palermo's dress seems like an homage to the days when you couldn't dress yourself and were forced to parade around in whatever ensemble your parents put you in. Her cutesy getup is a bit too novelty with the oversized collar and bow. In fact, the whole outfit is a little retro Raggedy Ann. Why, she could be Brittany Curran's doll.

She's Thinking: Darn, I thought this came with a sailor hat.

Lisa Lampanelli at the GLADD Manhattan Rooftop Event in New York City

Comment: Hopefully the Queen of Mean comedienne can take some constructive criticism on how old is too old to be dying your locks any color carried by Manic Panic. Here's a hint: Even Avril Lavigne is too old to be doing it at this point. The stand up comic does to enjoy making an entrance, as she should because she looks so darn cute in that dress. But she should have just let the statement end there, and focus on the rest of her statements. Like the more vocal and insulting kind that we tend to enjoy so much.

Shes Thinking:
I don't care if you like it anyway!

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-Alia Rajput

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