Feeding Into The Skinny September

August 30, 2009 • Magazine

Feeding Into The Skinny September

Feeding Into The Skinny September

Sat, 2009-08-29 05:00

Rachel Yeomans

With the cooling temperatures and the September issues being mailed, it is clear that the seasons are heralding the most infamous season for fashion. Unfortunately, the chill in the air isn’t wrapped in the warmth of fat pages in the upcoming September fashion magazines. People are noticing the “Skinny September” and just as magazine advertisers are cutting back, so are consumers.

However that doesn’t stop people from buying. Some fashionistas, instead of driving for trends, are driving for value. They may pay just as much as they used to on fashion, but the quantity has shrunk and the quality has risen. They want items that will last, not items that will last only to the next season.

So in an economy that needs a little fattening, and a season that is usually the one most fashionably gorged, my advice to you is to invest. However, as any accountant would tell you, examine your (wardrobe) liabilities, and invest wisely.

• Stock up on thick stockings and leggings that are comfortable and can go with anything. I recommend stocking up on Hue tights—they are incredibly cute and incredibly cheap.
• If you don’t already have it, buy a cashmere black sweater shawl or cardigan. It’s warm, it’s extremely comfortable, and trust me, you’ll get your money’s worth.
• Invest in the dress. The cooler weather practically begs you to flaunt the cute sleeved dress with the ankle boots. Look for a dress with a reasonable price point as you don’t need to break the bank for a simple well-fitted cotton dress. I also advise not to purchase it with long sleeves (despite the fact I personally love long-sleeved dresses, I’m trying to be economical)—you can wear the elbow-length or three-quarter-length sleeved garb in many more seasons than just one. Plus you can have an excuse to bring your Pashmina if you get a bit of a chill.
• If you need (and I repeat, NEED) a winter coat, then buy one that you know you will wear for the next few years. It may be more than what you normally spend, but like the cashmere cardigan, it’ll last for years and it’ll keep you warm for just as long. In other words, invest in fashionable warmth, not disposable style.

And for those of you who think you need a whole new wardrobe every season, think again. Examine your assets and work with what you have.

• If you have jeans, keep them and wear them — you don’t need another pair.
• If you have boots, take them to the cobbler to freshen them up and save yourself from buying a new pair.
• If you have sweaters, use them. Pair cardigans with those spring dresses that you can transition into fall. Wear shawls with your t-shirt and jeans instead of investing in the latest cropped jacket.
• Admit it, your collection of scarves does not need any new additions any time soon.

So before you rush out for the latest fall trends, assess your closet, your needs and your wants. Set aside your wants for the next fashion issue and take a cue from the current Skinny September: Keep your purchases thin but invest in what you need and in what will last — you will be surprised with what you will bring in to the next season that makes a statement of both glamour and smarts. Your accountant would be proud.

1. C&C California 3/4 Sleeve Tee Dress $88
2. Black Halo Ally Tunic Dress $160
3. Hue Denim Leggings $28
4. Falke Cotton Perfection Tights $69
5. Bop Basics Cashmere Cardigan $212
6. DKNY Colorblock Cozy Cardigan $122.50
7. Mackage Silver Wool Herringbone ‘Elle-V’ Funnel Collar Coat $485

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