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September 1, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Why does Victoria Beckham always feel the need to outdo–oh just about everyone?

This time, her attempt at being the next Karl Lagerfeld, or something out of an Alfred Hitchcock flick, just didn't work quite that well. Oh, we do love her new dresses–and we certainly can honor her skills of style. But her newest commercial from Bergdorf Goodman, to promote her Fall 2009 dress collection, certainly doesn't leave us on the edge of our seats. 


The idea is wonderful, in theory. Eight models dressed in fitted frocks swinging in synchronized formation from wooden swings hung from the doorway of a London street as the camera moves back and forth. Haunting operatta in the background.  

Unfortunately, there is much that is severely lacking. For one, the models are so tiny and so far away from the camera that we can't see the dresses at all! Second, we only get a smidge of Victoria towards the end of the clip, when we see her leading the models in their hypnotic swinging formation, dressed in a gray cashmere Carmontelle dress and of course, Christian Louboutin heels. But we barely see half of her, and that half is unfortunately her backside.  

What are we supposed to gleam from this eerie attempt at avant garde? Certainly a very tiny (and I mean tiny!) peek at her clothing line and the inclination that Victoria Beckham is trying (and trying hard!) to remain her usual prim and polished self. Unfortunately, what we are left with fails miserably on all counts.

Source: Bergdorf Goodman, People Style Watch

–Simona Kogan 
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