Finds on a Dime. Feeding Into The Skinny September

September 1, 2009 • Shopping


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

With the cooling temperatures and the September issues being mailed,
it is clear that the seasons are heralding the most infamous season for
fashion. Unfortunately, the chill in the air isn’t wrapped in the
warmth of fat pages in the upcoming September fashion magazines. People are noticing the “Skinny September” and just as magazine advertisers are cutting back, so are consumers.

However that doesn’t stop people from buying. Some
fashionistas, instead of driving for trends, are driving for value.
They may pay just as much as they used to on fashion, but the quantity
has shrunk and the quality has risen. They want items that will last,
not items that will last only to the next season.

So in an economy that needs a little fattening, and a season that is usually the one most fashionably gorged, my advice to you is to invest. However, as any accountant would tell you, examine your (wardrobe) liabilities, and invest wisely.

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