The September Issue’s Debut Pegged as Fifth Most Successful in History!

September 1, 2009 • Lifestyle

Anna Wintour waits in line to purchase tickets to The September Issue like everyone else!

R.J. Cutler's now famed documentary, The September Issue, about the inner workings of Vogue and the magazine's notoriously icy editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, debuted for all of New York last Friday after a week long slew of previews and private screenings for the fashion industry elite. And it seems what the elite likes, as do the people since the film's opening weekend resulted in an impressive bountiful bevy of cash. To be specific, the movie grossed $240,078 in six theaters, for an average of $40,013 per screen, making it, (in documentary terms), akin to a Spielberg holiday weekend hit! indieWIRE reported it as the second-best-per-theater average of any 2009 release and the fifth best documentary opening in all of doc history. And for all of you wondering what the first four most successful documentaries in history are (because I sure was):
1995 IMAX featurette Across the Sea of Time, Davis Guggenheim’s An Inconvenient Truth, Michael Moore’s Sicko, and Paul Provenza’s The Aristocrats.

Ironically, the film's mounting success seems to have had a reverse affect on the proverbial star of the film, Wintour. Accustomed to leading a somewhat movie star life on the regular, complete with portable stylist and hair and makeup crew, Wintour's newfound, actual film star fame seemed to turn her into a more humble version of herself. Although the editor femme fatale has undoubtedly seen a number of aforementioned private viewings, she was spotted by Gawker standing in line at a theater, waiting to purchase a ticket to the film with everyone else. Wearing her Fashion's Night Out shirt no less—could it be she really is spearheading the movement of bringing fashion back to the people?

Article Source: newyorkmag, indieWIRE
Photo Source: Gawker
-Alia Rajput

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