Style A Go-Go: Where This Season’s Thigh High Boots Got Their Roots

September 2, 2009 • Fashion


Becky Ellis for Second City Style Magazine

Thigh high boots have been, er, creeping up on us for a few seasons now, and this fall they're going to explode into the mainstream.
Some women shun the thigh-high boot for fear of being propositioned on
a late-night McDonald's run. But unlike the infamous hooker heels worn
by Julia Roberts in the 1990 hit Pretty Woman, go-go boots are low-
(or no-) heeled numbers — and when you've got leather between your
thighs, that's what keeps you from looking like a woman of ill repute

Go-Go boots hit the scene in the mid-60s, and they ranged from
mid-calf to mid-thigh; before that, boots were relegated to hiking,
horseback riding or tromping about in inclement weather. Although now
ultra-tall boots are thought of as sexy, in their early years, they
succeeded in part because they afforded a bit of modesty to women
flitting about in teeny tiny skirts.

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  1. Some Like it Vintage says:

    Thigh highs have always been one of those fashion statements I admire, but have never had the guts to actually wear…but I like the fact they are a flat heel now. Much more approachable!

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