Bad Judgement Du Jour. The Fashion Week ‘Snuggie’ Runway Show

September 4, 2009 • Fashion


No, sadly, this is not a joke. The creepy, cult-inspired blanket with sleeves, (the apparel equivalent of a Croc on the tragic scale), the Snuggie, will be making its runway debut during Fashion Week in New York. The collection of wearable blankets has been expanding due to its comically overwhelming success and now it seems to be branching off beyond the realm of pub crawls and theme parties. The newest breakthrough for the company came in the form of the Snoggie, which sounds like illicit behavior between British teens, but is actually a Snuggie sized for a dog. And why not?  Surely their limbs also get cold when reaching for the phone or reading a magazine on a chilly day. But despite its recent endeavors, who would have dreamt up the possibility that the Snuggie brand would have enough options of wearable blankets to fill an entire runway show? New York Magazine apparently received an invitation to whats being marketed as an uber-exclusive show. The invite states,

Amid the glitz and glamour of New York Fashion Week,
Snuggie™ will host a runway show of its own, taking center stage to
showcase the latest colors, fabrics and patterns. Celebrity host Ross
“The Intern” Mathews will dish about the sexiest looks in blanket-wear and adult, kid and even canine models will hit the runway.

Blanket-wear?! So now it has its own ready to wear category? Incredible. I guess you can't expect more from a show who's model lineup actually features dogs. And since when did draping cheap fleece completely around yourself become thought of as sexy? There are just too may questions surrounding this debacle, many of which I don't think I would like answered, judging by how many of these things have actually sold.

Article Source: newyorkmag
Photo Source: geekologie
-Alia Rajput

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