Retail Detail. American Apparel Gets Busted For Unauthorized Workers

September 4, 2009 • Shopping


It seems karma is not a force to be reckoned with, huh Dov Charney? All summer the CEO of American Apparel has been making headlines with his blunders from celebrity lawsuits to profiling the physical appearance of his employees, and now it seems he is getting what's been coming to him. About two months ago, government officials found that 1,600 American Apparel employees weren't authorized to work in the U.S. About 200 more had been found to have discrepancies in their employment
records, like the use of fake
Social Security numbers. Following an investigation, a lawyer working on the case now says that as a result, about 1,500 face termination this month — or about 10 percent of the company's entire staff. Despite the sizeable loss of man power the company will endure, American Apparel lawyers told the L.A. Times it won't have a "significant impact" on the store's operations. Mostly because no one is shopping there right now.

Charney himself described being "deeply saddened" by the circumstances and wrote a letter to all affected employees, all of whom are based at the company's manufacturing facility in downtown Los Angeles. In the letter, Charney promised his workers that they would be "given priority treatment" for being rehired if and once they were able to get their immigration paperwork in order. "Many of you have been with me for so many years, and I just cry when I
think that so many people will be leaving the company," he stated in the letter, adding, "It is my belief that immigrants bring prosperity to any economy." Just as long as they're good looking, right Dov?

Article Source: The L.A. Times
Photo Source: generationdesignstudio
-Alia Rajput

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