WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

September 4, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Michelle Lapidos at the Matthew Williamson First Look in New York

Comment: Michelle's harem pant/cropped pant hybrid seem to be having a little trouble balancing out their fabric distribution proportionately. The snug, drawstringed legs only add to the obvious volume of her droopy drawers and the result is less than flattering.

She's Thinking: I need two belts to hold these babies up!

Annalynne McCord at the Season 2 premiere of 90210 in Hollywood

Comment: Annalynne usually shows off some standout style but the whole dominatrix look just doesn't seem to fit her subtly sultry look. Plus the layering of corset, tank top, and push up bra (in that order), when paired with those vertically striped pants reminds one of some sort of overtly sexual lion tamer.

She's Thinking: Is Barnum & Bailey's hiring?

Sarah Jessica Parker on location for filming the 'Sex and the City' sequel in New York

Comment: Is SJP rocking a tribute to Flashdance? The notoriously stylish actress may be doing some sort of flash back segment in her latest film, which would be the only acceptable reason for sporting a shoulderless sweatshirt, tapered white jeans and some slightly tragic Jennifer Beals-esque hair. Otherwise, she just made a tragic misstep from fabulous to frumpy.

Shes' Thinking: What a feeling!

Rumer Willis at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Sorority Row'

Comment: Here we have a classic case of a Freaky Friday-like style swap. To celebrate her emergence onto the big screen the young actress dressed up for the occasion, as in—up in years. While somewhat risque, her jacket and pants ensemble showed much less skin than all her other faux sorority sisters present (and even her mom!) Rumor should have pulled a Rihanna and pulled out the pasties to match up, though then she would be on here for that.

She's Thinking: Now with Sorority Row, I want people to view me as a serious actress

Liz Cundy at the Circle of Gentleman Launch Party in London

Comment: As the apparent alter ego to Rumor's premature aging, Liz doesn't seem to realize she actually has. Of course with her body one would want to rock the bustiers as long as possible but she would be a lot less trashy looking if she had swapped with Willis' suggestively sexual ensemble and handed off the sparkles and white slacks (not after this weekend!) to one who actually needs the help looking hot.

She's Thinking: Of course they're real! And they're fabulous!

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-Alia Rajput

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