Bad Judgement Du Jour. Sheer-Paneled Jeans.

September 8, 2009 • Fashion

Siwy's Sophie Skinny Jeans

It seems the recent phenomenon of envelope pushing, peek-a-boo tops and blouses has trickled down—to below the waist. The new Sophie Skinny Jeans by Siwy, recently added to Shopbop's inventory, sport a surprising lack of of translucent fabric. The front of the denim style is made up of sheer mesh panels that start at the mid thigh and snake all the way down to the ankles, making a symmetrical albeit bizarre statement not commonly seen in the way of jeans. As happy as we are that fashion may be making a move away from
pantlessness, it seems some are determined to hold on to the philosophy
of partial coverage. But in this case, is less really more? These pants/pantyhose hybrids retail for $242, though anyone can see that you are getting a significantly less amount of actual denim. Therefore one would actually be paying for the draft they would be getting while wearing this style outside. Call us when pants are fully and officially back.

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-Alia Rajput

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