New York Fashion Week Spring ’10. Japan Inspires Tranquil Scenery at Ports 1961.

September 10, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Spring '10

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Summary: Nature was in the air this season at Ports 1961 as designer Tia Cibani channeled the exotic tranquility of Japan for her Spring'10 collection. The collection's theme centered around the delicate, organic materials that make up Japanese scenery, from the thickness of a cumulus cloud to the metallic shimmer of a koi pond. The collection's color palette and fabric selection also drew inspiration from the purity of Japanese culture, as well as elements like air, water, and earth. Kimono style jackets in silk satin and taffeta echoed traditional Japanese garments with voluminous draping and bustling in the back. Many of the pieces were elegantly simple in front and dramatic in back, which sadly, cannot be seen in the photos. Velvet, silk, and chiffon flowed and draped over the body like liquid and unexpected textures like the chainmail vest and the plastic looking aluminum dresses were an original touch. The pieces were beautifully sculpted to rise and dip and drape methodically for the muted color scheme provided an overall serene look. The only thing that did not coincide with the dynamic of the garments was the loud, dissonant music that, at times, distracted from the softer, more melodious pieces on the runway.

Color Palette: oasis, conch, cherry, talc, dawn, stingray, shadow, dew, bloom, aluminum, oyster, eclipse, cloud, nest

Fabrics and Textures: taffeta, draped velvet, marble print, organza layered, vinyl, lame, silk satin, wool, lame tweed, tie-dye, origami folds, kimono, jacquard, chainmail, silk, glass, duchesse, bamboo, cotton tape, vachetta, chiffon, suede, pleated, draped, bustled

Key Looks: oasis taffeta warp print coat and dress, conch draped bandeau dress, cherry tropical wool dress, aluminum pleated dress, bloom organza shell, shadow lam tweed jacket, conch origami folded jacket, conch chainmail vest, pleated bamboo scarf, cloud sculpted jacket, oasis draped column dress

Photo Source: NY Mag

-Alia Rajput

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