New York Fashion Week Spring ’10. Having Fun at Michael Angel.

September 10, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Spring '10

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Summary: Michael Angel managed to do an amazing job of making sexy dresses out of neoprene (Project Runway anyone?). The dresses were strategically printed to enhance curves with tightly fitted bodices and full and flowey or asymmetrical silk skirts. The bodices and cap sleeves were a bit Balenciaga-like, and oh so flattering. Some silhouettes were almost too short and had too much exaggeration on the hips with peplums and gathers, but overall there was a wonderful play on construction and fit with softness, sheerness and Swarovski crystals. The heavy crystals down the long sleeves of a sheer mess top almost seemed too heavy and could cause the fabric to actually tear – but it seems this designer likes to push the envelope. When you think something won't work together, he makes it work, as in his use of large colored prints matched with other large prints. The patterns and fit of these dresses and 2-piece ensembles looked fun to wear, and that is exactly what Michael Angel set out to do. His mission: "There is fun to be had in 2010." Some of the pieces were a bit much, but can you have too much fun?

Color Palette: Gem-tones: sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, sand, black background prints.

Fabrics & Textures: neoprene, silk, mesh, watercolor and organic prints, strategically placed prints.

Key Looks: Emina Sapphire dress with Swarovski crystal trim and Pierre jacket, Bianca Bustier with the Bridget skirt, Scarlette Dress with Swarovski crystal sleeve top worn under.

—Carol Calacci

Photos: WireImage

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