New York Fashion Week Spring ’10. Vena Cava Offers Simplicity With a Twist

September 10, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Spring '10


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Summary: At the Vena Cava by Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai Spring 2010 presentation you first noticed a series of aluminum ladders perched at various angles running right down the middle of the runway at Milk Studios. Either someone was still changing lightbulbs or perhaps, I thought the models would do acrobatics Cirque du Soleil style using the ladders. Instead, they sauntered in to music by a live performance by an acoustic guitarist accompanied by a folksy female singer. The models circled around the ladders wearing calm neutral shades of navy, grey, black and cream with shots of bright red-orange. Each of the pieces offered simplicity with a little twist. Some had a loop, or a sheer panel, a texture, a large weave fishnet, shiny studs and industrial looking safety pins. All were easy to wear pieces with an added element of interest, like tiny geometric checks, crochet like loops and crisscrosses down the back. There was some lingerie influence with very sheer long dusters and corseted bustier shaping. One bustier dress was in a dropcloth colored canvas with a light tonal splatter print, perhaps the inspiration behind the painter's ladders in the presentation. The models stayed at the head of runway and rounded back to the ladders and struck poses so we could all take a closer look at the details. One standout was a simple black dress with a metal safety pin camisole, not that it was so unique, (haven't we seen safety pins on dresses before?) but it looked both sweet as well as industrial chic. The details in each Vena Cava piece will give you reason to take second look.

Color Pallette: Navy, greys, taupe, black, cream, orange

Fabrics & Textures: sheer georgette, silk, rayon jersey, cotton, acid wash, cotton gauze, polyelastane, mesh, suede, linen, leather, laser-cuts, loop details, knotted triangular surfaces, pyramid studs, safety pins, ruffles, and corseting

Key Looks: Grey canvas splatter paint bustier dress; Collage print silk CDC duster with navy leather jeans; Black rayon jersey babydoll dress with metal safety pin camisole; Star print silk georgette dress

—Carol Calacci

Photos: NY Mag, Second City Style

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