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September 10, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Here are some pics from Wednesday's Sex and the City 2 shoot. I know this was filming on 5th Ave. near The Plaza, because I got stuck in the traffic and saw the trailers. Anyway, can you say 'holy 80's flashback scene?' Here you get a sneak peak at what our beloved Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda looked like in the 80's! And all we can think is…what a difference a few decades make!

Of course Carrie is channeling Madonna and Charlotte is preppy!

A better look at Carrie trying to 'dress you up in her love.'

Are those white Tretorns and a Bermuda bag? I had those…ahem.

Here is Samantha getting ready to film her Whitesnake video. Check out the Walkman!

Ah Miranda, replete with 80's mushroom haircut and 80's powersuit! What a Working Girl. Those look like law books. Lots of law books.

Source: WireImage

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  1. fashionbyhe says:

    great shots…sad to say as a guy ive seen the first one a couple of times

  2. Susan McNeill says:

    OMG we just had such a great laugh at this. Thanks!

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