Project Runway Season 6 Episode 4: What Models Want. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

September 11, 2009 • Lifestyle


It was a fairly uneventful and drama-free episode of our Thursday
fashion fix. Besides Logan's silver pants and the complete replacement
of our entire panel of judges, there wasn't too much going on! The
challenge: please your client. Who's the client? Your model.
Admittedly, those girls did want some random things. Romantic punk
tiger? Blue and gold-rope jumpsuit? Yeah, the designers needed to pull
rank and design something beautiful for their models, despite what they
asked for. If you've ever watched PR, you know the designers always
know best. But some of them compromised nonetheless.

To the runway! There were some downright safe and boring designs, like Qristyl's
black off-the-rack look, and Johnny's egglant bridesmaid gown. Logan
also ended up in the bottom with his electric blue prom number, which
didn't capture model Koji's vision of 50s glamour with edge. Epperson,
however, finally showed his chops with a sexy criss-crossed dress even
though his model wanted orange. Carol Hannah showed her perspective
with a gorgeous juxtaposition of soft and hard in black and purple. But Althea
ultimately took home the prize this week with her very sexy
suit– and she deserved it! I would definitely wear it, and her model loved
it. Who displeased their model client and the judges, and took a hike?
This week it was Qristyl who, after skirting the bottom for a couple of
weeks, finally went out without bang, but with a boring black dress.


The judges – Jennifer Rade, Zoe Glassner and Marc Bouwer


Althea – the winner!




Carol Hannah




Logan – saved by the seat of his pants.


Qrystal – you're out!

Until next week… here are your memorable quotes!

We need to like, weed out the talentless people. – Nicholas

It could be homeless peoples to eskimos… – Nicholas

It's like designing something for myself if I were a black girl. – Johnny

From sexy, romantic, chic, elegant, classy, fitted, short, punk… tiger… I'm like wait, wait. – Epperson

I know I'll still be sewing as Tim rips the needle out of my hand to drag me to the runway. – Nicholas

Tim's gonna say she looks like a salad. – Christopher (She really did, that dress was fugly.)

It's just looking like she's been rolling around in bed. – Tim

I don't want it to look like, I don't know, like a smurf prom dress or something. – Logan

Shorter! I want my cha-cha to hang out! – Oh, models are so funny when they talk.

As I leave the workroom, the only thing I'm thinking is get a good
night's sleep because it's going to be 2 hours of hell tomorrow
. – Althea

Do you feel like you have the kitty-kat inside of you? – Heidi

Here's what I wrote on my card: The purse is the most interesting thing about this outfit. – Jennifer Rade

The world really doesn't need more of that dress. – Jennifer Rade

You've just aged her ten, fifteen years– which for the model world is like dog years! – Heidi

Why of all the fabrics that exist in downtown Los Angeles would you
pick the most plain, black… what is that like jersey or something?

Jennifer Rade

Like I would literally buy this right now tomorrow for a client. Like I
want it. I want to leave here with that jacket on my arms.
– Jennifer

I think I've worn a suit once in my life and hung my head afterwards. Now THIS is a suit. – Zoe Glassner

She basically looked like the girl that was serving the drinks where
you would be like excuse me ma'am, can I have another glass of
– Heidi

Anyone could wear that and who cares? – Marc Bouwer

…Or a no boob model. There are many of them out there, who are very famous. Not you, honey.  – Marc Bouwer to Heidi

– Hayley Wells

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Photos: Lifetime TV

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